With such remarkable performance and exemplary behavior in turbulent air, the Jedi is a beautiful leisurely wing many pilots craving for long distance flights will surely appreciate for its handling ease, comfortable attitude in the air and docility in turbulent conditions. From the first Cross-Country to serious long distance flights, the Jedi now EN B certified, is a solid and light glider built to last.


Dolpo 2


EN A certified, the Dolpo2 stands out from the other wings in its category by demonstrating a remarkable flight behavior and surprising performance levels. Easy and soft on inflation, without much pilot impute needed before positioning itself gently overhead. In flight the Dolpo2 is immediately reassuring and conveys a feeling of powerful tranquility for a wing of this category. It is fast, with a progressive brake travel enabling to precisely optimize banking in turns.




Covers both paragliding ( PG ) and Powered Paragliding ( PPG ) with adapted trimmers for the activity.


Awak 2

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dsc01452logo-awak-2-webLa mini voile est depuis de nombreuses années l'une des spécialités d'ITV.
L'Awak2 bénéficie de la technologie la plus récente : suspentage 3 lignes, joncs en bord d'attaque. Elle possède des qualités de gonflage et de prise en charge indéniables, mais en outre  se révèle plus performante et plus sage que l'Awak1. Rapide, maniable, rassurante, esthétique, l'Awak2 20 m² est homologuée EN B, ce qui démontre le caractère très homogène de ce parapente qui s'adresse à des pilotes confirmés ayant l'habitude de voler sous des petites surfaces.



 ITV Dolpodolpo-logo-ombr
A light glider ( 35g / m2 ) targeting the dedicated hikers / flyers of all kinds. Certified EN-B, the DOLPO immediately conveys a sense of confidence and safety on first contact. Agile, with clean direct toggle control feed, the DOLPO easily weathers turbulence, is intuitive to the touch, hence enabling the pilot to discover the wing's great potential.



ITV Awaklogo-awak
The multi purpose mini wing. Must it be used during either, trek and fly endeavors, on local sites, fun easy or XC flights, the AWAK will cover them all. Light, robust and well behaved, this wing is fast and delivers a sound performance.

The AWAK 18 m2 is EN certified for a 60 to 105 Kg. weight range. It is a glider offering a new and broad array of flying capabilities to the foot-launch community.


Awak Tandem


At the forefront of inovation in the Mini-Wing concept, ITV now offers a small light tandem wing, easy to handle, fast with none to envy performance wise from its competition. In spite of its 33 m2 surface area, the Awak tandem takes off without any difficulty due to a flawless inflation. The initial lifting phase is short followed by an immediate sense of well-being under the wing.


bip-bip 2

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bip-bip-2logo-bipbip-2 white-web

Un peu plus de performance pour la Bip-bip2, et toujours cette excellente sécurité passive  qui a fait la réputation de la Bip-bip1. Une vitesse qui décoiffe quand on détrime, et un domaine de vol qui s'aggrandit encore un peu plus pour les pilotes passionnés par les mini-voiles.



Boxer GT

boxer-gtlogo web boxer gt

The Boxer GT is a semi-reflex leisure wing designed for Powered Paragliding .
Next in line after the Boxer, it stands out for having better performance,  good speed, excellent handling capabilities while preserving a high degree of passive safety in turbulent air, all valuable characteristics demonstrating its strength.
With its great structural design, leading edge batons for remarkable inflations, lateral reinforcements, the Boxer GT has a reasonable aspect ratio, making it accessible to many pilots.
Apart from being designed for Powered Paragliding ( PPG ), we decided to have it tested to obtain the EN norm recently updated : the size M ( Medium ), successfully completed the flight procedure to qualify as such, and receive the EN-B certification, hence meeting our original design goal for this intermediate wing frugal on fuel.



Awak2 Tandem


The tandem Awak2 is the ideal compromise for tandem pilots keen to fly light under an easy to use high performance wing coming out of the latest technological advances : 3 lines layout design with batons inside the leading edge.

Taking-off under its 35 m2 surface area is quite easy, requiring little effort from the pilot; handling is a delight for such small glider, tight thermaling with the Awak2 is a game-play and pure pleasure. Landing is easy as can be, intuitive, with a superb ground effect at the end.

Certified EN B.
Covers both activities , paragliding (PG) and paramotoring (PPG).
French DGAC certification until 293 kg . (PPG).






The first full reflex wing offered by ITV; the Billy is a paraglider without the crippling weaknesses generally found with this type of paraglider during zero wind speed takeoffs, mainly with a slow in- flation and a prolonged running phase before lifting off the ground.

Inflation and takeoff are achieved quite easily.
The Billy is agile, superbly buffered and with a surprising air speed

supporting an impressive level of performance.
A glider for everyone, from coming out of school to competition, it

will seduce any hardcore pilot craving for distance flying as well as the weekend warrior who simply want to enjoy flying at local sites with peace of mind and without constraint.







Found in between the Dakota and the Lapoon, the Boxer was designed for powered paragliding. With its prominent semi-reflex profile, an aptitude to easily lift off and a total absence of noticeable counter rotative torque effect, the Boxer is built to fight turbulence, is fast and delivers excellent performance.
With progressive brake inputs the wing becomes really playful to perfectly suit most pilots' needs and moods: easy set-up, easy handling on the ground and in flight.
This wing was built to last for either local or cross country flying.
The Boxer's A and B category (varying with size) in the EN certification tests means it guarantees a high passive safety.





The Bulldog was primarily designed for the Powered Trike activity : easy to inflate and takeoff with optimum stability , docile in flight with good landing capabilities.
Those characteristics are associated to mild toggle braking impute.
The overall creative process was implemented toward maximizing a positive behavior in all phases of flight as well as long term structural integrity : During the EN certification structural tests, the Bulldog was abled to sustain  an incredible 2400 kg. load at a positive 6G exerted force, which in turn and according to european regulation commission, authorizes the Bulldog's  Total Flying Weight to be 400 kg. during takeoff !





Born out of the latest technological developments, performant, particularly fast, great handling abilities, reactive and blessed with surprisingly easy takeoff capabilities, the V.MAX targets experienced pilots in search of pure handling pleasure, and long cruising flights under a frugal fuel saving wing...